Why I still Love Pakistan

“Why I still Love Pakistan” by Wishal Fatima, EE ’15

In the scorching heat of Sindh, in the arid land, among the dunes, under the azure sky, I stand…. Seeing a camel in front of me, being prepared for a race with a petrified, faultless child fastened at its back. And the race began… Camel ran and the child screamed, it ran even faster and the child squealed. I was standing there, witnessing the scenario, hearing the laughter of the Masters for the increasing speed of camel with each howl of the child. The shrieks of that innocent child asked me, “Why I still love Pakistan?” A land, which is of no ones, but of lords. And the child died.

We have many inexcusable and callous customs with us other than camel jokey cases. We are going through toughest times with our economy in trouble, physiological wounds, lack of leadership, terrorism, failed state of affairs, worsening law and order conditions day by day and the list goes on. There’s enough trouble going on in this land that is a cause of despondency and to some its indicative of somber future.

I admit the situation does look dismal when you turn on TV. The country seems like a “Warzone” as we only hear the news of Qasoor scandal, Panama leaks, Aps attack, Gulshan Iqbal incident and all such acts of brutality. But …. Is this really all that is to the “Pak Sar-zameen”. Despite all these troubles, I still believe that not all is lost yet. I still love Pakistan. You may ask why? All I can do is to give some points which to some may sound insignificant, but for me these are important. In each one of them, I see a silver lining in jet black clouds covering the sky of our nation and its people.

The key point is: Hope. Despite of all those troubles we’ve gone through in the last few decades, what is encouraging about the people of Pakistan is the way they’ve become stronger with passing time and every new challenge they’ve faced. With the unstable political condition of the country, the collective conscience of nation makes me love it even more.

I still love Pakistan for its promising youth.  I feel it is important to mention the awakened youth like Ali Moeen Nawazish, Dr. Omer Saif, Ayesha Farooq, Mehak Gull, Rafiullah Kakkar, Mir Zaffar Ali and many more. Pakistani Youth is working enthusiastically and volunteering to build a prosperous Pakistan.

Another reason is free liberalized mass media. I love it for the zest and aurora of Pakistani dramas which are back in action once again. I love it as I see bright future ahead with the increasing foreign investment. As the brands like Hardees’s, Gloria Jeans and Walt Disney choose to enter in Pakistan. I’m like all other Pakistanis excited at the prospect of Walt Disney coming to Pakistan. Perhaps Walt Disney is in love with Pakistan too…


The above mentioned list may be considered peripheral in the face of all intimidating problems of Pakistan, but if we look at it with the eye of an optimist, it’s also a testimony that there’s still a lot to be proud and hopefull about.


Now, for the world outside, Pakistan has become a symbol for versatile crimes, Talbanization and a metaphor for all that is dark and grey. So guys, enough of this servitude. Enough of this contempt. This time calls to rewrite the history. This time calls for Firdous. Let’s get up and look into eyes of Asma. Let’s get up and take the initiative of making proxies again. Let’s get up and show to the world that era of our death and skull is over. Let’s show to the world, that we as a nation has a voice that can’t be silenced for we still love Pakistan. The power of change lies within us. Isn’t a celebration too?



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