Transfer Kinetic Energy into Electrical Energy through Vehicles

There are many sources of energy which can produce the Electricity which include Water, Wind, Solar, Nuclear and Thermal. The thermal and nuclear sources are limited and they are not friendly to environment. As there is shortage of electricity in Pakistan which is affecting the country a lot. The purpose of my project is to capture energy in turbine produced by the vehicles on road. When vehicles moves at high speed lot of energy is used to push away air in its way. If we set up wind turbines on the road side and on the middle of road the energy would be recaptured and it can produce electricity. The design of the wind turbines which would be installed in the middle and on the side of road would be different. The middle turbine would be installed on the middle of the road which divides the traffic. The road wind turbine will capture the wind in opposite directions of each side of the road. It will have two air flow conduits. Both of the conduits would be extended horizontally along the road way traffic. Both of them will have inlet and outlet opening. A road side wind turbine is similar to the middle road turbine but it would be facing one side of traffic and will have one side from which the wind will go inside the turbine. This is totally pollution free and the running expenses are zero and it will do not cause any noise pollution. It would be installed in the underpasses and on the roads.




Special Thanks: Late Engineer Zahoor Ahmad Khan



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