To Be or Not to Be?

To be or not to be! An abstract concept, sparked by the genius that is William Shakespeare in his play: Hamlet. This line presents a few of the most brilliant concepts of life:

  1. Choice
  2. Desire
  3. Fear

The first concept presented is “Choice” and it’s the most important one of all.

Recall the famous movie Spiderman 3. Notwithstanding its appreciation on the IMDB ratings, it does prove a very valid point where Sandman decides to team up with Venom in an effort to save his daughter. His motives are excellent. A father caring for his daughter seems very honorable. But this is where choice comes in. In order to save the one person he loved the most, he CHOSE to loot and steal from others. He CHOSE to fight against good. He abused his powers horrendously and scarred himself giving even more pain to the girl he loved.

This world is a labyrinth. It’s a maze of choices and doors, each one leading to a different path of our lives. It is the path we walk that decides our role in this world. It is this path that tells the world whether we’ll stand with the crowd, or play in the Big Leagues. It is the choice we make, when we decide to either pick up that little tin on the ground and put it in the nearest bin or just leave it there for someone else to pick up. It is the choice we make, when we rush to the mosque on hearing the Adhan or when we just sit there thinking about praying later.

This brings us to the second concept, “Desire”.

Most of us want something from this world. Even the monks meditating high in the Alps are there for a reason. They want to be successful in the next life. Similarly all of us desire something. It could be love, power, wealth, a smile from our crush. What we fail to realize is that there is always a way to do what we love. Be it anything! As Shia LaBeouf said “You wanna be skating champion of the Sahara? You can do it!”

But this is where “Fear”, the third concept comes in.

Doubt settles and just like Adamantium (recall Wolverine’s claws) once it settles down, it’s nearly indestructible. Questions pop in one’s mind…

“Am I doing the right thing here?”

“Will my parents approve of this?”

“Will this mean moving away from my family or friends?”

“Can I really do this?”

“What if I mess it up?”

“I’ve got so much riding on this, is it all really worth it?”

The answer to all this is, YES! We will mess up, we will fall, we will stumble and we will be hurt! But in the end, it will all have been worth it. But to get to this point, requires intense motivation. To really give meaning to our lives, we need to ask ourselves: To be or not to be?



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