‘The night is long and full of terrors’

I’ve lived the recent years of my life applying each Game of Thrones quote to my university life, but sadly this one, I can’t really relate to.

Now one might think of questions like, “What is that guy even on? Does he not know that he doesn’t make any sense?”, “The night is dark and the moonlight makes it even more terrifying, why does he think that the day is spooky?”

Well, think about it. What do you usually do at night?

You sleep. Thats 8 hour- okay let’s be real we don’t really get 8 hours of sleep, do we? Let’s call it 5. Yeah, 5 sound juuuuuust right! Now that’s 5 hours of you being in your comfort zone. No one bugs you, there’s no Teacher who’s going to not mark your attendance if you’re 5 minutes late to the class! NO ONE TRIES TO APPROACH YOU AND COMMUNICATE!

FOR US SHY PEOPLE, IT’S HEAVEN! And the day? Yep, you guessed it. It involves a lot of communication.

We hate socializing in the university! How does that even work?

‘Hi human, I see you are also perusing engineering from the same institution as me. Let’s shake hands, exchange numbers and hug each other the next time we get to see one another.’

It might not make any sense as of now, but keep listening.

I’ve learned that you have to socialize. If you don’t, you’ll end up in a café, eating biryani on your own on a table of 6. That’s sad. Really sad…

There’s a good chance that you’re a shy person, especially if you share the same fate as me and study here in UET. Look at it this way. You have so much to offer to the world, but you don’t make use of those gifts, do you? You might be a great singer! A good speaker! A good writer! But what holds you back? The idea of being ridiculed by the society right? The way I see it, we surround ourselves within walls. Walls no one can break through if they want to, just like how caterpillars surround themselves with cocoons. I won’t be denying the fact that I’ve gone through the same process. The first 2 semesters of my degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, I was so content on not taking part in any co-curricular activities that I just took the classes, and went home. Heck, I didn’t even attend any of the social events like concerts or dramatics that were held in the university.

Getting a good CGPA might sound really appealing to you but what about your personality? How are you going to develop that? How are you going to learn about different ways of dealing with difficult scenarios that might come up during your Job after this degree? Is the CGPA alone even enough to keep up with the competition?

Socialize, and start taking interest in different activities that go around in your university. I know I make it sound way easier than it really is, but do it.


I’ll explain it to you this way. You have to jump over a ditch 3 meters. Sounds hard, doesn’t it? What’s the worst thing that could happen? You would fail? Fall over? Well, you can recover from those things and try again until the moment comes where you take what I call ‘The Leap of Faith’. The moment so glorious that your body fills up with so much energy and confidence, that the task is not hard to accomplish anymore!

Take the leap of faith. Take the path to success in your own way. Don’t look at how others perform in various situations. Everyone’s different! Everyone has their own perspective to things and surely their own specific set of talents. That’s the most important thing to do! Ignore people who judge you as It might actually help you in socializing effectively too! It itself filters the people around you and automatically lets you know of the ones who don’t want to see you succeed.

I’ll put the feeling you first get when talking to a stranger into words.

You are approaching the person, already regretting doing this. Your body starts twitching, and you awkwardly try to communicate. There’s an absence of words. Your start thinking to yourself, ‘This whole thing was a disaster wasn’t it?!’ You know what to say, but the words seem to be stuck somewhere in your throat right? It’s like you try to speak but something doesn’t allow you to right?

It’s okay. Nothing bad will come from failing to exchange the first words. In fact, you will be laughing together about that first moment with that very person! It will become a joyful memory! After the first few interactions, you feel comfortable around that person right? Like you’ve known him/her since ages maybe?

I’ll wind this disaster of a writing up by repeating those four words.

Take the Leap of Faith.

Say yes to every single opportunity which you think might actually effect you in a positive way and in the beloved words of Shia Labeouf,




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