Muslim Children


Do you remember the very first moment when you were born? The opening of the eyelid, the entrance of the light into eyes, the voice that came into the ear, the feel of what it is like to come into this world? In the cluster of voices of thankfulness, a sharp pitch cry came out from a fragile structure: the newly born baby. It is instinct; baby is born crying. No one generally has the idea why they cry? In my opinion, they do not feel themselves to be safe. But when the baby is handed over to his mother, he usually stops crying. The feeling of security gives relief.

The truth of the world is, when the baby is born, he does not know whether he is born as a Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Jew. He is born as a “Man of God” – a human being from a clot of blood. When a Muslim baby is born, Azan is recited into his both ears, letting him know that he is born to a Muslim family. Indeed, it is the biggest fortune to be born as a Muslim, but it takes a life to act like a Muslim. Children have a reflection of angels. They learn from their environment. When children speak, they usually speak their mother tongue.  They usually act, speak, behave and learn what they see others do.

It is the world of war and terror, brutality and oppressiveness. Millions of people have lost their lives to feed this war of blood. Humans shed blood of humans to replace weaker humans by the stronger ones. Muslim countries were the major victims of this brutality from the gangster world. Muslims were divided by the humans who brutally martyred them. Sometimes, they played mind games to create a bad blood among them and dragged them to their own hell. In the name of religion, they trained their so called puppets to further make it worse. In a US government report, Muslim countries are the major victims of terrorists’ fatalities, between 82%-97%.

Whatever you do to others (good or bad), it comes back to you. The human world is basically a manifestation of the power. Everyone who has power wants to oppress others, whether this power is associated to an individual, community, firm or even a country. The lust of being the most powerful in this world has ruined many lives – both Muslims and non-Muslims. The creatures which suffered a lot in this battle of power and blood are “children” but most prominently “Muslim children”.

I want to raise a question to all of you that what would be the psychology of a child that is born in the echo of bullet shells, grenades being fired, the shouting and crying of people? He saw the only thing around him – blood. The very one thing this world taught to him is to be feared. This cruel world has injected so much fear in children’s mind that they cannot expect good from other good humans. The Muslim children of Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries that were the victims of this brutality, suffered a lot. No one other than Muslim countries mourn with them but when the terrorists attack hit on the Non-Muslim countries, Muslims showed their sympathy and stood with them.

On 16th December, 2014, the black day in the history of Pakistan, the attack on Peshawar Army Public School (APS) took place. This incident left an unforgettable pain and we lost 132 future army officers. In the press release report in London, 24th November, 2013, 11420 children were martyred in the Syrian conflict. Iraq Body Count (IBC) found that:  Of the 4,040 civilian victims, 1,201 (29%) were children. The Muslim children suffered a lot and it should end now.

Many of us have to raise our voices against this brutality and let our children feel safe and secure in this world. Many of us have to be like Abdul Sattar Edhi who became the father of orphans and raised them. We can do efforts for human beings. Islam teaches us not to support only the Muslims but also non-Muslims. Our Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W) is not only the messenger of Allah but also has a heart for humanity. He teaches us to help and serve humanity. But in this current situation of the world, our first mission is to protect the Muslims, Islam and our Islamic values. These little angels need security and a peaceful environment where they can live, play and enjoy their childhood. Stand up for Muslim children. Stand together, Muslim countries, and be united against this cruel world and its oppressiveness. End this war against humans. Stop shedding blood. The Muslims’ blood is also “Red”.



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