Mechanical Engineering student writes about his Future Aspirations in Technical Field


To begin with, it is intensively mentioned here that air is used in the compressed form to drive the piston to run Engine. On the ABSTRACT portion of the poster present in the previous post, it was clearly mentioned that it is a COMPRESSED AIR ENGINE. The input to the Air Driven Engine is the compressed Air. Of course, the compressed air comes from the compressor. But to clear the minds of some people, it is stated that you don’t need to carry the compressor with the bike but rather you have a compressed air tank similar to the petrol tank with the volume capacity comparable to the latter one.

Secondly, you don’t need to buy a compressor; you can just fill your tank with compressed air just like CNG stations or petrol pumps.

Our engine was in operating condition at 3 bar pressure, but as you know, this is a modified engine, not a specifically designed engine, so it will be in operation condition at less than 3 bar pressure.

The air at high pressure (200-300 bar) is used to do work.

The compressor is driven by electricity. Electricity can be produced from cheap, cost effective and reliable sources like:

  • Wind Turbines
  • Hydroelectric power plant
  • Solar Power Plant
  • Nuclear Power plants
  • Vibrations
  • Waste heat
  • And many other sources


As you know, Petroleum sources are depleting gradually due to extensive use, so one day you will run out from fossil fuels, so what then will be available to you to drive your vehicle? So need of hour is to replace non renewable energy sources to renewable energy as a future fuel. So in this regard, compressed air will be a better option for scampering your vehicle.

French automobile industry MDI and Indian Tata motors have designed AIR POD which has 175 liters tank of compressed air and it gives you a mileage of 200 km with top speed of 70km/hr. This tank can be filled in just 101 PKR to give you prescribed mileage.

Similarly, Taiwan has made Compressed Air Bikes to fight air pollution. These bikes are named as “Revolvers”. These bikes use air as a fuel to give mileage of 25km with a compressed air tank of 50 liters. These bikes give you a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

Now coming towards cost of consumption of electricity which varies from country to country:

  • In Germany, public is paid on by Government on consuming electricity. If you use some voltages of electricity in Germany, you will be paid because in Germany, electricity is in excess and Government pays public.
  • In United States of America, students make electricity for government and then they are paid for it.
  • In Kuwait, electricity is free for industrial sector and commercial use.

The Basic Idea presented here is to move from dark smoky past to green eco friendly future. The Oil and Petroleum resources are limited on our Earth and one day we will be moving to Renewable Energy sources with Compressed Air as one of them.


We have modified already fabricated 2 stroke 80 cc engine to a Compressed Air Engine. The commercial Air Engines will be made from light material with the removal of Fins. Our work was to pave the way for the newcomers to take this work to new height till a day it is commercialized.

This Engine is present in UET and it is in fully working condition and we can arrange a project exhibition once again for all those who doubt whether it is feasible or not.

Senior Professors from Mechanical Engineering Department acknowledged, appreciated the work done on this project and encouraged these students to further work on it.



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