Live Traffic Feature on Google Maps is Finally Enabled for Pakistan

The long awaited feature of “Live Traffic” details in Google Maps for Pakistani cities was something that we all wanted so badly, especially because we never know about Pakistani roads and traffic and often end up on a route to discover that its jam packed with bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The news is that Live Traffic for Pakistani cities is now enabled, for selected routes for now.

But since “live traffic” details are being rolled out in phases, you can expect more cities and routes to show “live traffic” details very soon. For now we can confirm you that live traffic is enabled for Islamabad and Lahore, while usual traffic details — such as traffic situation on a route for specific time — is enabled for more cities, almost for every city that we checked.

As you can note, along with live traffic you can also see traffic incident details, such as if road is closed or if there’s an accident, construction going on or any other incident on road for which traffic might be slow. You can enable “Live Traffic” feature by clicking menu and clicking on “Traffic” button. Live traffic details can be viewed both on mobile app and desktop. For cities where live traffic is enabled, reporting was found to be quite accurate.

However, it is observed that yellow lines shouldn’t be worried about much, unless routes are red that one must avoid. Do let us know your experience and if you found the live traffic reporting accurate or not.

Happy Driving.

Source: propakistani.pk



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