There are seven sins in this world – wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, pride, lust and envy. The circle of sins starts off by envying a person or to be “jealous” of a person.  Jealousy is like venom which boils through the blood and thus eats away all humanity until there is nothing left except a vacuum. Slowly, deeply and unknowingly it enters the heart. The phantom then dwells in the heart and is fed with hatred and greed. To conceal it, humans satisfy themselves by playing the role of a hypocrite. Now jealousy can be in between many relationships. The most common is in between cousins, siblings or in a couple. However what would it be like if it were towards your own half-mother who had showered love on you equal to that of a real mother?

As I looked out from my window I began to recall the unfavorable events of my life. When I was only 5, my mother was brutally murdered. My father, Mr. Burnsworth, a stiff boss of an international trading oil company cried till his eyes ran out of tears. Although I was little, I stared at the coffin which held my gentle, feather-like possession – a treasure which was buried inside the ground forever, never to be opened again.

My father was worried that I wouldn’t have a mother and so he remarried. My new mother, Sofia, never made me think, even for a second, that my mother was dead. In fact, I thought she was alive inside her vessel. She would take care of me when I was sick, listen to all my rants about school, mentor me, scold me when I would do something wrong.  However after turning 17 years old, I began to look at my half mother from another perspective. I began to compare myself with her and started to loathe her. I had these silly ideas that she was nice to me only so she would snatch my father and would leave me poor on the streets. I thought that father liked her more than me. It came to the point that I feared that the hatred would come out as a wild fire. I then realized that I extremely envied her.  Little did I know what God had planned for me the very next day.

It was evening. My father and Sofia had just arrived home and they were extremely happy. Who knew the unthinkable would happen? With excitement they told me the “exciting news” – that I was about to become a sister. Shocked and dismayed I realized that this was the last straw. To celebrate, my father went out to get a cake and strictly told Sofia to relax. The hag was doing just that – watching television. “This couldn’t be more perfect” I told myself. I took a knife from the kitchen and tucked it underneath my shirt. It was time I confronted her.

“You’re going to become an elder sister. Are you happy? Have you thought of a name yet?” she asked, “I have thought of a lot of names but I would like your opinion. Should we name him Mic….”.

“That won’t be necessary”, I said, swinging the knife.

She laughed hesitantly. “You could hurt yourself; this is too much for a prank”.

I grabbed her by the arm and threw her onto the floor. She screamed with immense pain. “Why? I treated you like my own child”, she said sobbingly. “If only I had known how twisted you were”, she sobbed.

“If only you had stayed away from my father, this would never have dawned upon you”, I said with a huge grin on my face.

With no hesitation I stabbed her in the stomach, repeatedly. I felt extremely satisfied. I was about to leave the crime scene but it was already too late. My father was standing in front of the room with a look of despair. There was dead air between us. The knife in my hand fell down. I was covered in his beloved’s blood. With a parched throat I mustered the ability to speak, “I had to kill her, if I hadn’t, you….you would have left me just like mother did, she and her…her son would have taken you away from m-me”.

Father was silent. He walked towards her, only to close her eyes and not once did he look towards me. Reaching for the phone he did what a father had to do – save his precious daughter from prison “Nothing can separate me from you now, can it?” I said to my father. “Yes”, he replied with sorrow looking at the gravestones of his deceased second wife and unborn son, wishing deeply inside, to be with them.



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