GPA Matters or Not ?


Today students are under pressure. Everyone is worried about future. Anxiety has increased despondency and discouragement among the students. Every person wants to improve his life standard. Students have become the victim of so many complexes that their own personality has totally demolished. Mostly these issues are with the undergraduate students. When a student becomes a part of university life then a substantial change occurs in him. He becomes more mature, confident, sensible and responsible. But with this, he has to sacrifice his happiness, contentment, and self-satisfaction because he becomes the part of such an environment where everyone is running behind grades, marks, and GPA. ? In this race of getting grades and GPA students forget the real charm of their life.

Now the question is why? Why we have fixed the standard of a happy life with GPA only? Is it enough to spend a blessed life?

Sometimes GPA becomes indispensable. But it isn’t the matter of life and death. If you have a low GPA then it doesn’t mean that your future has blemished. If we stuck at a point then don’t consider it a full stop in your life. Take it as a challenge and always keep trying because the best way to out is always through.

“Tough time never last but tough people do” (Robert Shuller)

These abilities show that how much you are professional in your profession. Your textbooks don’t teach you that how to interact with people and how to tackle the problems.

If a student has 4.00 but no experience, leadership or management involvement then his 4.00 is ineffectual. For your satisfaction, I am going to give you an example. The founder of web media startup Marathon Studios Jonathan Weber says:

“I frequently hire interns for programming and development work, and I very rarely looked at GPAs – the main qualifications I look for are experience and skill level. It’s easy to measure a programmer’s skills by looking at their work, so I don’t have to resort to using GPAs (which I consider a more indirect measure of measuring qualifications). Many other tech recruiters I know have a similar mindset – but I do understand that GPA matters more in more abstract fields (such as media, PR, marketing, etc.) where it’s harder to measure an individual’s”.

The things that may be helpful in getting a job are your experience you internships as a regular employment, your convincing ability that how effectively you are able to satisfy other person at your point of view and once again your leadership and management skills. So don’t worry Always believe in practice, pray, and patience.

(Saba Anwer 2014-EE-455)



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