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It’s been over a year since I joined UET KSK Campus and I must say that the experience has been both interesting and challenging. In this time frame, I have noticed that the students hosted by our campus can be widely divided into two groups; those who believe that a straight 4 CGPA is the ultimate road to salvation and those who refuse to shoulder the burden of heavy text books and find their interest in extra-curricular activities. In such an establishment, the first group achieves a greater intellectual growth while the latter develops in communication skills and management. However, I believe that a university should provide a platform where every pupil could grow in both the technical and non-technical areas. Therefore, through this article, I wish to throw some light on the importance of both of these departments in the life of a student.

When a fresh out-of-the-college, and sometimes over-ambitious, child sets his foot in university for the first time, he is often told that his ultimate goal is to score the best CGPA he possibly can. He is told to slay his days and nights at the altars of the gods of engineering; physics and mathematics, and to devote all of his energies for serving them. In return they shall fulfill his heartiest desires by granting him a job interview. So this child often puts his individual skills aside and becomes part of a system that is generally followed by everyone else at the campus. At the same time, some pupils turn out to be unruly and refuse to acknowledge the importance of course and syllabus. They therefore dedicate their lives to rebelling against course outlines and thus, prefer spending their days sitting in café’s and grounds instead of classrooms. In my very personal view, both of these approaches are wrong and false assumptions to a successful future.

In my opinion, a university graduate should be a complete package. He should not only have the technical knowledge of his discipline but should also home other skills to improve his credibility and his chances of getting a job. For this purpose, students should not only focus on their studies, but they should also take active part in co-curricular activities. In this regard, the different technical and non-technical societies serve a great platform where individuals can not only improve their speaking power and communication skills, but can also develop their level of confidence, their management and presentation skills and their ability to work as part of a team. But that’s not all. Students should also show interest in sports for which the university offers numerous opportunities on intra-university and inter-university levels.

All of this may sound too much to ask for from an engineering student. But the fact of the matter is that doing all of this is indeed possible and depends only upon your time management skills, another essential tool which an engineer must hold. If you can divide your time to give just the right amount of attention to each of these areas, I believe that you can grow in a finer and better tuned direction. You would not only hold the necessary knowledge to succeed in the field of your choosing, but would also hold a number of other essential qualities that could make you stand out from the crowd of engineers produced by other institutes. Isn’t that essentially why we decided to join one of Pakistan’s finest engineering universities in the first place!



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