ECAT 2016

ECAT! What is it? A journey of hard work and courage mixed with a hint of frustration.  2 months to save your future! That’s the time you have… just 2 months to give yourself that head start. Sure, you might be experiencing a mix of different feelings, excitement on one hand and nervousness on the other hand.  But at the end, the one who perseveres makes it through!

I still remember my journey through ECAT. What a time it was!  Obviously I was incredibly worried about getting admission in an institution as prestigious as UET but thanks to Allah, the Almighty I am now a student of UET, writing this article to guide the students who are going to take their ECAT this year. I would like to mention a few things here.

First of all, ECAT is not as hard as people think it is. It is just a game of your nerves during a short time of 1 hour. It is divided into 4 parts, Chemistry, English, Physics and Mathematics. The Chemistry portion is very easy if you have read both the books thoroughly. It does not really require any conceptual learning.  Just reading your chemistry books will suffice. Moving on to the english portion. The English part is, honestly speaking, a piece of cake. It consists of a simple paragraph followed by 10 questions related to the paragraph. There is no need for intensive vocabulary courses here. Just practice a few reading comprehensions and you are good to go.

Next comes the tough part of ECAT, i.e. PHYSICS and MATHEMATICS. Both of these subjects demand high concentration during ECAT, great concepts and the most important thing of all – good self-control. Getting anxious or baffled if a question seems hard will get you nowhere. Just move on to the next question leaving the tough ones for the end. Try not to get stuck at one question as this will just be wastage of your time. Moreover read the questions carefully. Also try not to rush and divide your time wisely.

Here is the pattern of attempting the paper that will help you solve it in time. Start with Chemistry, followed by Physics, then Mathematics and leave English for the end.

 I know most of you will be really worried right now. Honestly, I know that feeling very well because I have been through this too. I was extremely panicked as the days of the ECAT drew near. But I had a goal in my mind – getting admission in UET and I never let that goal waiver. I stuck to my plan and kept on moving forward. And finally my hard work paid off and I secured 310 marks in ECAT and joined UET’s Electrical Engineering Department with an aggregate of 88.32% Truly ECAT is not as hard as it looks. Just solve a lot of past papers and keep a firm grip on your concepts. Moreover don’t forget to offer the daily prayers and try to recite the Quran daily. Again I would like to remind you all not to worry much, as everything will turn out just fine, In sha allah. Just remember to study well and control your nerves.

Best of luck to all of you out there!



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