Death, I

Bilal Khan, Mechanical Engineering ‘15

I turned around being sure

No one was there anymore

As I died

The angels came in a horde


I saw the angels all in white

Calling me into the light

I turned away

Tried to run in fear flight


But my legs were numb

All my senses were dumb

And my hands did move

And eyes were stunned


I saw myself in the bed

My soul was out and body dead

He said to me to come with him

Into the light you’ll be led


Led to the gardens and the wells

Or the hot, burning pits of hell

I asked him to leave me

To the World I can’t bid farewell


Give me some time to pray

Give me some time to stray

Stray back to my God

Give me some hope, just a ray


He glared at me with eyes red

Forced me to get up from bed

Took me to the sky

No escape. Lo! I’m dead



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