A Symbol of Humanitarianism

In this age, most humans are cruel and humanity has gone extinct, yet there was a man, who will never be forgotten… who lit the light of life and became a messiah for not thousands, but millions of humans. This great humanitarian was Abdul Sattar Edhi – the face of humanity and the face of Pakistan.

He was born on 1st January, 1928, in Gujarat, India. His mother was paralyzed and died when he was only 19. The way he took care of his mother through her illness, led him to build the biggest private foundation in Pakistan – Edhi Foundation. It is home for more than 50,000 orphans and many other old and helpless people. According to A.S. Edhi, his mother used to give him two rupees when leaving for school, one for him and one to spend on others. This taught Edhi that life truly wasn’t about education and success; it was about kindness and helping others. A.S. Edhi was the symbol of humanity and he always will be. According to me, the best thing about him was that despite not being highly educated, he taught the whole world and especially the Muslim World how to lead life and how to help the less fortunate.

It is a testament to his great character, that this “Richest Poor” man who had no distinguishable post, did tremendous work for humanity, more so, than the people actually responsible. Edhi once said, “I collected for the poor and spent on them, I didn’t do anything.” Edhi was the living, breathing example that age is no limit for serving humanity. He served humanity when he was 19 and continued to do so till his dying breath. Now whenever someone talks about humanity, it is known by the name of A.S. Edhi. Although, A.S. Edhi has left us, he is still in our hearts and he always will be. May Allah grant him the companionship of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).



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