8 remarkable signs of a UET Freshman

Every senior waits anxiously for his junior to welcome them in the land of knowledge. Freshmen are welcomed warmly by the seniors by arranging welcome parties and orientations. Oath ceremony is also a part of welcoming the new students. While all of this is going side by side freshmen are seen everywhere working enthusiastically attending classes, labs and seminars. Here are some remarkable signs of a freshman you should know to identify a freshman

1. They will ask you address

One feature that every junior has is that they will always ask you about the address of a place they don’t know and by that you can take them as a freshman. The look and charm on their face is making it sure that they know really less about professional life.


I am lost

Or either they will be looking here and there reading signs to find the place with their tired faces and sweat pouring down from their faces.


2. They are fond of arranging Get Togethers


Freshmen are often seen in cafeterias (mainly UC) in the form of groups celebrating their good relationship and expecting their friendship to continue like that for 4 years.

Yayy! I am a freshman

Yayy! I am a freshman

But it is just a matter of time when they actually get to know each other and a single large group falls apart into small pieces.


3. UET Stadium is their best place


Mostly freshmen are admitted in winter and in winter what’s better than a sunbath in UET Stadium. But there are freshmen who have a fine affection with UET Stadium. They love to sit in the form of groups and play games or study.

Freshmen love sitting in this place

                                                                                UET Freshmen love sitting in this place


4. They try their best to dress as professional as possible


As they are new to the campus, most of them have been dreaming about that place for their whole life and when they achieve it they try to get the maximum out of it until they get used to it. Their shoes are polished, hairs combed, clothes neat and with no crease on it. But UET sees its freshman dressing up like grown ups for only a short period of time.

Freshmen want to look professional from their very first day

UET Freshmen want to look professional from their very first day

5. They will be saying “BSSC” instead of “SSC”


Girls have a separate Student Service Centre in UET famous as GSSC but BSSC is known as only SSC, Freshmen don’t know this difference and they always say BSSC. It is a matter of time they also start saying it SSC


6. Freshmen especially day scholars will carry long T squares with them the whole day


There is a lab of engineering drawing of 2 credit hours for maximum departments mainly in first semester and for that the students need tools the most annoying of them is T square. The new students need to carry that T square with them for the whole day and which can be seen in their hands or in their bags.

Meet T Square

7. They will be seen in the form of large groups or alone


Now here is a thing that in the first year the students are seen working together, having fun, eating together, but as soon as they go in 2nd year due to some reasons distance increases among the students. The reason is a bitter one, and everyone knows it. Good relationship should prevail among the students throughout four years of their graduation years. Happy faces make happy environment and boosts up the moral courage of students.




8. They will be afraid of attendance shortage


Freshmen are really afraid of their attendance shortage. The students will be seen attending classes regularly.



Freshmen advice

There are some positive things students get and some negative. Getting a positive attitude and leaving the negative ones really helps through the university life. You will get through some really tough decisions of your life. You people will lose a lot of friends and what really sucks is getting new friends. The system in university is totally different from the FSc and previous life, back then you needed just marks to excel, but now in university with marks you also need to get yourself talking into things, evaluating the facts, become a good person and lastly marks are not the ONLY thing you need in UET. Choose the things you want to do, and do them with as the need to be done. You should know to handle situations under stress. Don’t change yourself to be someone else or impress someone. Be happy be yourself, If you’ve gotten this far, you will get through it as well.



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